‘Angriya’ to revive old Mumbai-Goa sea route: Cruise Director


Onboard Angriya, [India] Oct 21 (ANI): In a bid to boost tourism, India’s first-ever domestic cruise ‘Angriya’ was launched to revive the Mumbai-Goa sea route, which was operational around 40 years ago, said Siddharath Navalkar, the director of the cruise.

Speaking to ANI, Navalkar said, “Almost 35-40 years back, ships named Konkan Shakti and Konkan Sevak used to ply between Mumbai and Goa.”

The ports along this coast like Malvan and Vengurla used to be big marketplaces and ships being the only mode of transport in the 1950s and 60s, made this into an important route.

“That is why we wanted to revive this,” he added.

The ship has been refurbished to help the people understand the coastline, the marine biology and the lighthouses along the route, mentioned Navalkar.

Most cruise ships around the world are deep sea-based, and according to Navalkar, this cruise is the only service that runs along the coast and at the same time provides its passengers with some incredible views of the sea.

Leena Prabhu, who handles the administrative side of the cruise, said that she sees Angriya as a bright future for the cruise tourism despite being a non-mariner.

“She is our newest baby, and we want to set things right. Despite being a non-mariner person, I will say that the cruise tourism in India has not been explored. I think we are now pioneering towards a brighter future,” said Prabhu.

The cruise that was named after the 18th century Maratha Navy Admiral Kanhoji Angre boasts of six bars, two restaurants, an infinity swimming pool, a discotheque, a reading room, and a spa.

With 104 rooms, the cruise ship can accommodate 470 people, which include passengers and crew members. Price of the one-way ticket will range between Rs 7,000 and Rs 12,000. The cruise will run four times a week, except for the monsoon season.

Passengers can now spend 14 leisurely hours en route to Goa. (ANI)


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