Bangladesh Army protests untrue comments against its chief


The Bangladesh Army on Saturday sharply reacted to the comment made by a pro-opposition rights activist questioning the military chief’s integrity, and called it a deliberate attempt to belittle the force’s top position and bring down the morale of its personnel.

Dr Jafarulah Chowdhury,75, during a talk show of Somoy TV on October 9 stated that a huge quantum of military weapons and ammunitions “went missing, were stolen or sold out” from the army’s arsenal in north-eastern Chattogram area when the incumbent army chief General Aziz Ahmed was the commander.

Chowdhury, who is also a doctor and the founder of non-government Ganashasthya Kendra hospital and medical college, said that the incident exposed Aziz to a court martial.

Chowdhury is currently spearheading a media campaign accusing the incumbent government of misrule and politicising the administration ahead of the elections slated for December this year.

The army called Chowdhury’s comment completely untrue, misleading and motivated and aimed to belittle a state organisation like the Army before the people, apart from affecting Ahmed’s personal reputation, social status and his official position.

“In a different way it misled every serving military personnel and affected negatively their morale. Besides such a misleading campaign harmed the solidarity and unity of a disciplined force like army which is unexpected,” said the Army in a statement.

“It was an untrue and irresponsible comment . . . because General Aziz in his service life never served as the GOC or commandant of Chattogram,” the statement said.

It also mentioned that Ahmed never faced any court martial in his career.

“It is especially mentionable that present Chief of Army Staff Aziz Ahmed did never face any court martial during his long colourful army career,” the statement said.


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