Hafiz Saeed: Pakistan in cahoots with Hafiz Saeed in global fora?


NEW DELHI: JuD chief Hafiz Saeed has written to UN for curb on flow of information about outcome of counter-terror measures relating to him even after decisions are made, according to official sources. This follows an earlier letter by Pakistan‘s ambassador to the UN Maleeha Lodhi seeking a probe into how the UNSC 1267 committee’s decision to not remove Saeed’s name from the list of global terrorists was leaked to the Indian media.

For India, as government sources said, Saeed’s letter is another sign that the UN proscribed terrorist and Pakistan are acting “in concert”.

In 2 separate but coordinated communications Hafiz Saeed and Pakistan’s Amb to UN Maleeha Lodhi, it is learnt, have both sought an enquiry into how members of the UNSC’s 1267 committee may have shared information of the decision to reject Hafiz Saeed’s request to delist him from UN’s list of global terrorists.

To Indian authorities, the coordinated responses reflect the close cooperation between so called non-state actors and the Pakistani state agencies.

The 1267 committee had earlier this month rejected Saeed’s plea to remove his name from the list. This was after the UN ombudsman handling the case found there was enough evidence to provide a “reasonable and credible basis” for not delisting him.

Islamabad had also prevented the ombudsman from visiting Pakistan to interview Saeed. According to official sources, Islamabad tried to help Saeed despite claims made by Pakistan PM Imran Khan that Naya Pakistan was not going to allow its soil to be used for terrorism outside. The UN officially finally came face-to-face with Saeed through a secure video conference.

India has repeatedly demanded that Pakistan bring Saeed to justice for his role in the Mumbai attacks. Saeed though, as he also argued before the ombudsman, maintains that Pakistani court have found nothing against him. The ombudsman found merit in India’s assertion Saeed could not infer from the court’s decision to lift his house arrest that he didn’t pose a threat outside Pakistan. 328

Saeed is currently said to be living in his Lahore home and apparently maintaining a low-profile as the Imran Khan government reportedly cracks down on JuD leaders.

A PTI report from Lahore said Sunday that for the first time in two decades Saeed was not allowed to enter and deliver the weekly sermon at JuD headquarters in Lahore. He has not been taken in protective custody though.


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