India has called Pakistan nuclear bluff through Balakot strike:


[India], Mar 19 (ANI): India has raised the bar by carrying out an air strike in Balakot and called Pakistan’s bluff that it cannot be threatened or challenged since it has nuclear weapons, said an activist of Gilgit-Baltistan Province which is under illegal occupation of Pakistan.

Senge H. Sering, Director of Institute for Gilgit Baltistan Studies in Washington, also said here on Tuesday that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has no policy of his own and everything is dictated by the country’s military.

“I think the Balakot strike has opened a weak link on a gimmick that a nuclear country cannot be threatened or challenged. India has taken that game back into Pakistan and raised the bar,” Sering told ANI.

He was commenting on the recent remarks of Pakistan’s Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed that the Pulwama terror attack was Pakistan’s finest hour in the last 20 years after the 1998 nuclear tests.

On February 14, a suicide bomber of Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terror outfit rammed his car into a CRPF convoy on the national highway in Pulwama district of Kashmir, killing 40 security personnel. Twelve days later, India carried out an air strike at the largest JeM camp in Balakot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.

“The next time Pakistan attacks India, it will have to keep a couple of things in mind. First, that the international community will stand with India… (And) if the international community intervenes, it will have a different result. And India will attack Pakistan in Punjab and Sindh,” said Sering who was here to attend a seminar on `Recent Developments in Pakistan Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.’

He said it is clear to all that Pakistan uses terrorism as a critical tool in its foreign policy and Imran Khan’s talks of ‘Naya’ (new) Pakistan will continue to have shadows of Pakistani military’s interference.

“Imran Khan does not have any policy. It is under military control there is no big change. He does not have any control over the policy and these organisations promote terrorism no big change on the group. Pakistani Government and military they promote terrorism…It shows Pakistan does not believe in changing its policy against terrorism. It also shows Pakistan will continue to use terrorism against Kashmiris also,” he said.

The activist said China is holding the card of peace in South Asia and “that’s why it is alarming for the international community. India needs to establish relationships with other countries which are threatened by China’s debt trap.” (ANI)


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