India Pakistan: India demands that Pakistan returns Dawood and Sayeed Salahudeen at earliest


NEW DELHI: Upping the ante the Modi government on Saturday asserted that Pakistan must hand over mafia don Dawood Ibrahim and terror operative Sayeed Salahudeen to India following handing over verifiable evidence shared with Islamabad in recent past.

Islamabad should hand over these Indians who are in Delhi’s wanted list and in the international terror list such as Dawood Ibrahim and Sayeed Salahudeen. Very specific details were shared (with them) and if Pakistan thinks India cannot verify, it can get international verification done, according to well-informed sources.

Changing boards, putting people under detention is all cosmetic, sources said, referring to the recent “crackdown” by Islamabad against terror groups.

India will continue pushing for the listing of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar as an international terrorist by the world body. India is disappointed with China. India is still working with members of the sanction committee. There is no bigger statement, half of UNSC co-sponsors the proposal. China‘s hold is not a block. India is optimistic,” sources said.

India has the strong support of 14 members (out of 15 at the UNSC). India will show patience and cautiously optimistic that Azhar will be listed, sources hoped, adding, there are certain issues China has to resolve with Pakistan. Pakistan is spending diplomatic capital in defending the indefensible, sources added.

Source said that India also raised concerns with the United States on the use of F-16 in an offensive fashion by Pakistan. The US also appreciates India for sharing its position in real time. There are no takers in the US for Pakistan’s narrative that India is posing a threat.


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