Pakistan ambassador on relations with India


Islamabad wants to normalize relations with New Delhi and wants to achieve that through dialogue. This is what Pakistan’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation Qazi Khalilullah declared, reports RIA Novosti.

The ambassador reminded that when India struck the plane of the Indian military police forces that “violated the aerial border of Pakistan” during the last escalation with India, Pakistan released the Indian pilot. “It was a step for peace,” the high-ranking diplomat emphasized.

The crisis in the relations between India and Pakistan escalated after 14 February when the suicide bomber bombed himself next to the military police column. The Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist group took responsibility for the attack, and the group’s leader Masoud Askari is in Pakistan. The terrorist act took the lives of 45 people.

India blamed Pakistan for supporting the terrorists, Islamabad denied the allegations and suggested conducting a joint investigation. The incident intensified the already tense relations between New Delhi and Islamabad.


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