Pakistan says it stopped Indian submarine from entering its waters, New Delhi denies


The Pakistani Navy declared that it had detected and blocked an Indian submarine from entering its territorial waters on Tuesday.

The Pakistani Navy’s spokesperson, Arshad Javed, said in a statement that the Indian submarine was equipped with the latest technology, so discovering it was a great loss to the Indian Navy.

“This great achievement has been a proof of Pakistani Navy’s high capabilities,” Javed noted, adding that this is the second time since November 2016 that the national navy detected Indian submarines trying to enter the country’s territorial waters.

“In order to maintain peace, the Indian submarine was not attacked by the Pakistani forces,” Javed mentioned, adding “learning lesson from this incident, India too should show its inclination towards peace.”

The Pakistani ambassador in Egypt, Mushtaq Ali Shah, told Daily News Egypt that media reports that India has shot down a Pakistani aircraft is not true and there is no evidence about it.

Ali Shah added that the reasons behind Pakistan’s decision to freeze banking accounts of Jaish-e-Mohammad group, which is classified by the United Nations as a terrorist group, aims at seeking peace with India.

In a press conference in the embassy in Cairo, he claimed that the Indian government is using the tension for political games. “The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is accelerating the situation to win the upcoming general elections, and we think this will all end right before the elections,” Ali Shah Said.

However, he added that Pakistan seeks peace and they merely thwart the Indian attacks. However, they are “capable and have the capacity to respond and they ready for war, even though this is not what they want.”

“War is easy to start, but hard to end, and a war between two nuclear rivals is not just a war, it is annihilation,” the Pakistani Defence Counselor, Mansour Sadeq Rana, told Daily News Egypt.

On the other hand, the Indian Navy has stated Tuesday that what Pakistan has published about stopping an Indian submarine was “a false propaganda,” according to India Times.

“We have witnessed Pakistan indulging false propaganda and spread misinformation. The Indian Navy does not take cognizance of such propaganda. Our deployment remained undeterred,” India Times quoted the Indian Navy.

In the same context, Indian ambassador in Egypt, Rahul Kulshreshth, said in a Sunday media conference that India is willing to have a peaceful dialogue with Pakistan in all outstanding issues.

This development comes after the increase in tension between the two nuclear rivals. On 26 February, Indian warplane entered Kashmir and struck a militant training camp for the first time since they were both in conflict in 1971.

On 27 February, Pakistan shot down two Indian military aircraft that entered Pakistani airspace and took an Indian pilot into custody. Islamabad released him on 1 March as a peace gesture, and since then there are skirmishes between the two countries.


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