Terror camps on India-Myanmar border destroyed


When the nation’s attention was focussed on the Balakot air strike, Indian Army in a joint operation with Myanmaerese Army destroyed 10 camps belonging to an insurgent group in Myanmar which had threatened the Kaladan multi-mode transit project.

Operation Sunrise was a mega task in which Arakan army, an insurgent outfit of Kachin Independent Army (KIA) backed by China, was targeted.

Sources said the camps were destroyed inside Myanmar with active support of the Indian Army in an intense operation lasting over 10 days.

The Army provided hardware and equipment to Myanmar for the operation while it mobilised massive forces on the border.

The operation was carried out on inputs that the insurgents were targeting the mega infrastructure project linking Kolkata with Sitwe in Myanmar through sea route. It would have provided another route to reach Mizoram from Kolkata through Sitwe.

The project is expected to be completed by 2020.

Camps of insuregnts all along the India-Myanmar border from Miizoram, Nagaland to Arunachal Pradesh were targeted in one of the biggest operstions of its kind, sources said.


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