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By Muslim Mirror Staff:

New Delhi ; In a shocking admission,former finance min­ister and BJP rebel leader, Yas­hwant Sinha, has said that Gov­ernment of India (GoI) has been “quelling rebellion” in Kashmir by the use of force.

In an interactive session with a New Delhi based news portal, Yashwant said that he got this impression after his two visits to Kashmir during which he had a discussion with a senior government functionary on Kashmir situation.

“I was told there is a doctrine state—Machiavelli, Chankaya, Metternich. Everybody has a doctrine of state. So we have a doctrine of state also, and that doctrine is use force to quell any rebellion”, he said without naming the official he met. “So they are using force.”

Yashwant added, “All the visits I made to Jammu and to the val­ley, I have travelled around. I was not confined to one place. I told you how the Nepalese hate In­dia. But the hatred in the minds of the people of the valley is far stronger than that in Nepal.”

Former Minister who is a track-II player in Kashmir also said that the GoI has “ ruined relationship with the people of Jammu and Kashmir, especially the Kashmir valley”.

“I don’t know how much time it is going to take for that (the relationship) to be repaired. And I also like to tell you, and I am proud to say this that one person who is still respected in Jammu and Kashmir is Atal Bi­hari Vajpeyee. He followed the policy of Insaniyat, not of force.”

“After the person in govern­ment told me that use of force is a state policy I stood up and told him Nameste”, Sinha said. He decried that “we have made mistake after mistake as for as our policy on Jammu and Kash­mir is concerned”.

He said that the current gov­ernment believes only in use of force “to solve problems, not consensus, not democracy, not Insaniyat but sheer use of brutal force to kill as many as you can.”

“What happened in Pulwama recently?” he asked, adding, “Do you think that it adds to the glo­ry of Indian state in the minds of the people of Kashmir.”

“We are losing Jammu and Kashmir”, he said. “We have lost. There is no question of losing. We hold on to Jammu and Kashmir only by dint of the fact that we have our armed forces there,” he added.


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