Agreements exchanged between PM Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin


As the 19th India Russia bilateral summit concludes, defence cooperation between the two nations is poised to get a quantum jump.

India and Russia are expected to sign defence deals worth over $10 billion during the Summit.

PM Modi describes ‘special and privileged strategic partnership between India and Russia’, says decisions taken today will further strengthen the relationship.

The meeting along with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had seen Minister of commerce, petrol, export etc thus indicating the inclusivity of various economic factors apart from the defence deal.

Some of the highlights other than S-400 air defence shield and navy warships included India’s manned space mission, co-operation in surface railways and metros and building locomotives.

It talks about strengthening the talent programmme in the form of business circle where in skilled youth can take part thus maintaining healthy humanitarian relations between the Indian people and the Russians.

A holistic approach by Prime Minister has been laid out from HRD to energy, from trade to investment, from technology to consumption.

President Putin invites PM Modi as the chief guest for a business forum in September 2019.

India and Russia discussed increasing mutual investments up to $15 billion to grow by 21%.

They are to develop economic forum, Russia to provide hydrocarbons to India and LNG.

The Sides welcomed the conclusion of the contract for the supply of the S-400 Long Range Surface to Air Missile System to India.

The Sides reaffirmed their commitment to enhance military technical cooperation between India and Russia, which has a long history of mutual trust and mutual benefit. Both Sides expressed satisfaction at the significant progress made on the ongoing projects of military technical cooperation and recognized the positive shift towards joint research and joint production of military technical equipment between the two countries.

They highly evaluated the Military Industrial Conference process as an important mechanism to promote the “Make in India” policy of the Government of India.

The Sides positively evaluated the meeting of the High-Level Committee on Cooperation in High Technologies set up in November 2017 that identified concrete projects in areas of mutual interest for joint research and development.


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