Army to prefer Indian Gorkhas as Nepali Gorkhas not allowed for recruitment in Women Military police

In continuing its policy decision to reduce its dependence on Nepalese Gorkhas, the Indian Army in its latest recruitment notification for 100 women military police has excluded the Gorkhas from Nepal. Only Indian Gorkhas have been allowed to apply for this recruitment.

Last month the Army had notified the recruitment of 100 women military police, the only branch of the Army where women are allowed for general duty allowing all Gorkhas (Nepalese and Indian). However, a corrigendum issued later announced that only Indian Gorkhas will be eligible for the recruitment.

Women Military Police

Women Military PoliceIndian Army Website

Reducing dependency on Nepalese Gorkhas

It is pertinent to note that the decision to allow only Indian Gorkhas has not come as a surprise. Last year, the Army had sanctioned the recruitment of non-Gorkha personnel from Uttarakhand into select Gorkha Rifles (GR) regiments. Till then, only Nepalese-Domiciled Gorkhas (NDG) and Indian-Domiciled Gorkhas (IDG) were recruited into GR regiments, with a 60-40 ratio between Nepalese and Indian troops in each GR battalion. However, a few years ago, a in regiment an all-Indian Gorkha battalion was established.

Gorkha Rifles

Indian Army’s 3 Gorkha Rifles Infantry regiment march past during the Army Day parade in New DelhiPRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images

Nepalese Gorkhas in the Indian Army

Since independence, the Gorkhas have fought in practically every campaign of the Indian Army, and their bravery is etched in the hearts and minds of the Indian people. The recruitment of Nepalese Gorkhas into the Indian Army is based on the Tripartite Agreement, which was signed in 1947 by India, the United Kingdom, and Nepal. The Indian Army retained 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9 GR as per the agreement, and later established a seventh regiment, 11 GR. The British Army kept two, six, seven, and ten GR. Gorkhas are also recruited for an all-Gorkha artillery regiment and a Mechanised Infantry Battalion, both of which have their origins in the Gorkha Rifles. In Jammu and Kashmir, Gorkhas also serve in the Rashtriya Rifles battalions.

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