Bone conduction headphones in Army

Bone Conduction headphones for ARMY_militarymen

What is Bone conduction?

It is an amazing discovery many years ago that humans don’t only need ears to listen to sound but the sound can be heard by our bones as well.

Sound waves can be transmitted to inner ears via our skull bones. This was initially invented by the famous musician Ludwig Van Beethoven, he was partially deaf and used a tong to hear the music played on the piano by placing the one end of the tong in his mouth. You can read a detailed article on bone conduction on What is bone conduction!

Although this is an old phenomenon, but the applications of this can be numerous and are just limited as per the human’s creativity. Please check out this video which describes the bone conduction phenomenon in brief:



Application of Bone conduction

There are many applications of bone conduction as a technical phenomenon. for example in undersea sound transmission, music listening, armed forces sports and many more.

There is a special role of Bone conduction in armed forces. The British army is currently getting developed the special helmets with bone conduction headphones built into them along with the tech arm and 3rd party technology vendors. The security firm, BAE system is help getting this gadget ready for commercial use. This would help soldiers on the battlefield to communicate with each other as well as be aware of the ambient noise, which is very important for keeping a watch while on the hunt.


Bone conduction is not new and many companies are already selling the bone conduction headphones for music listening to the everyday consumer. As the technology is already available off the shelf, it is just a matter of time that the same will be integrated for the military personals for a more serious cause.

The size of the bone conduction headphone is very similar to the normal headphone, that is the size is equivalent to a cent coin. See below one of the very famous bone conduction headphone from one of the most popular companies called Aftershokz.

Aftershokz Trekz Air Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones_audiowavegeek.com_2

You can see the structure is very similar to an ordinary headphone, it is just that the earbud is replaced with a plate-like structure, which rests on top of the ear, as shown in the figure below:

Bone conduction has come a far way in terms of the implementation since the time of Ludwig Van Beethoven and is getting better, we have recently tried a bone conduction headphone at a local shop and were astonished to hear the sound quality and comfort it provide by not clinging inside your ears all the time, yes you may loose a bit of thump that you get while listening to the isolated headphones or noise cancellation headphones, but image the level of safety it provides for the people who want to use it outdoors while traveling on streets, to runners while running out on the roads,  to the people with hearing difficulty this has come as a boon.

We strongly believe that military forces worldwide should implement this technology for the safety of their soldiers who are out on the battlefield struggling to keep there senses intact to listen to every move which cost them there lives.

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