China building villages on northern territory: Owaisi

Hyderabad: AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi said China was building villages on Indian territory, and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi if that there was a special “Awas Yojna” for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Owaisi was reacting on a news report that a village had been built in Arunachal Pradesh by China. In a Tweet, he claimed, “Mr Modi is the weakest Indian PM, no other PM has remained silent while China takes over Indian territory on MULTIPLE fronts including Naku La (Sikkim), Ladakh & Arunachal (sic).”


He said the Prime Minister had refused to tell the country about the status of the land in Chinese control. The Prime Minister made “no demands on China to return our land and did not make a military effort to take back control from China. He did not even make efforts to avenge the deaths of our brave soldiers killed by China,” Owaisi said.

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