China, India aims to hold army drills in China by year end


China and
hold joint
China before the
of this
China‘s Defence Ministry said on Thursday, as the two countries continue a rapid rapprochement.

Relations between the Asian giants were strained last
year over a 73-day military face-off
in a remote, high-altitude stretch
of their disputed Himalayan border.

But the neighbours have over recent months been working on mending ties and visiting Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
in New Delhi
in August.

Speaking at a regular monthly news briefing, Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said that the joint exercise was planned for before the
of this

The two countries would meet
in the southwestern Chinese city
of Chengdu next month
to discuss the arrangements, he added, without giving other details.

India and
China fought a war
in 1962 and the unresolved dispute over stretches
of their 3,500 km (2,200 miles) border has clouded relations ever since.

But the two big Asian economies share similar positions on a host
of issues including concern about U.S. tariffs and Chinese President Xi Jinping and Modi agreed
in April
to improve relations.


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