Exclusive: Did UPA want to hand over Siachen to Pakistan? Hear what ex-Army Chief has to say


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday levelled a serious allegation that UPA government under former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wanted to hand over the strategic region of Siachen glacier to Pakistan. Sambit Patra, national spokesperson of the BJP alleged that “dynasty”, “mother and son” and “Nehru-Gandhi-Vadra family” were in on the proposal in 2006 and had it not been for the opposition from theh Indian Army, Siachen region would have been handed over to Pakistan.

Patra said that an agreement of “demilitarising” the Siachen glacier was being struck with Pakistan. Sambit Patra gave his thanks to Indian Army for standing against this proposal.

India TV spoke exclusively with then Army Chief General JJ Singh about the developments taking place about the proposal.

“There was a proposal to create a Shanti Parvat (Moutain of Peace) at Siachen,” said General JJ Singh. 

General Singh said that one of the steps required demilitarisation of the region. This meant that both, Indian and Pakistani forces would move back from their positions in otder to decrease friction.

However, there was a glitch.

Indian Army, headed by General JJ Singh demanded that Pakistan disclose location of their forces in the region and formally authenticate it on ground and on map. This was something Pakistan refused to do.

“Pakistan claims to its citizens that it has sufficient control in the Siachen region. However, Indian forces are in much more advantageous position than Pakistan,” said General Singh.

Formal disclosure of the location of its forces would have resulted in Pakistan’s bluff being called on the domestic front.

Pakistan grew cold feet and Indian Army refused to go forward with the proposal of Mountain of Peace at Siachen.

In his exclusive conversation with India TV, General JJ Singh stressed several times that Siachen was ‘indivisible’ part of India and it has great strategic importance in denying Pakistan and China a chance to join hands against India.

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