Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood commends India’s work

Colombo [Sri Lanka] September 18 (ANI): Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood based in Sri Lanka wished Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his 71st birthday on Friday and commended his work for maintaining commendable bilateral relations with the neighbouring country.

The greetings came from Chairman Damenda Porage, who also thanked the Modi government for assisting Sri Lanka in crucial times, a letter from the Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood informed.

“It is an auspicious day because Mother India blessed her people and the world at large a son who would, with a clear vision, tread the right path to achieve economic prosperity, democracy, peace and military strength while maintaining excellent bilateral relations with her neighbours in the region including Sri Lanka,” the letter read.

Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood is a non-profit organisation aimed to raise understanding and awareness of the common Buddhist heritage of various nations all over the world.

The main aim of the foundation is to promote human values such as compassion, self-discipline, forgiveness, contentment and tolerance and to promote religious harmony. (ANI)

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