India is ready for the second powerful cyclone in 10 days

A few days after a severe storm hit the country’s western coast and killed at least 140 people, India’s eastern coast was on alert before the Bay of Bengal was hit by a strong hurricane.

The Bureau of Meteorology of India said that Hurricane Yas is expected to make landfall on Wednesday and may bring continuous strong winds of 165 kilometers per hour. It said the storm is expected to hit the eastern states of West Bengal and Orissa.

Disaster relief teams have deployed potential rescue and recovery operations in two states and are evacuating coastal areas. The Indian Air Force and Navy indicated that they have prepared some helicopters and ships for rescue work.

After Hurricane Tauktae killed at least 140 people across the western states last week, Yaas will be the second storm to hit India in 10 days. During the storm, nearly 70 victims were anchored by barges and sank off the coast of Mumbai.

While India is battling the destructive coronavirus surge, a huge storm has occurred, making efforts to deal with both more complicated.

In neighboring Bangladesh, the authorities require all fishing boats and trawlers in the northern Bay of Bengal and deep sea to move closer to the coast in Yass.

Hurricane Tauktae, which hit the west coast of India earlier this month, killed at least 140 people earlier this month. (Rafiq Mabbur/Associated Press)

The country’s Meteorological Department issued a weather bulletin in Dhaka that ships should leave Nautical Chart, Mongla, Cox’s Bazar and Pera’s sea ports.

Scientists say that cyclones in India are becoming more frequent, and changes in climate patterns make them more intense.

In May last year, nearly 100 people died in Hurricane Amphan, the largest storm that hit eastern India in more than a decade. It flattened villages in eastern India and Bangladesh, destroyed farms, and deprived millions of people of power.

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