India seeks Australian support to enforce UNSC resolution on terror havens

Problem of terrorism in south Asia in the context of Taliban takeover of Afghanistan was discussed when defence minister Rajnath Singh held talks with his Australian counterpart Peter Dutton in New Delhi on Friday. Singh sought the support of Australia and like-minded nations in ensuring implementation of UN resolutions that seek to safeguard rights of women and children in Afghanistan.

Singh had a detailed discussion on the Afghanistan situation and India’s concern on the emergence of terror havens that could wreak havoc in the region. The Indian delegation is believed to have referred to UNSC Resolution 2593 adopted under its presidency to uphold human rights of women, children and minorities. It also sought an inclusive political settlement with a meaningful participation of women. The interim government announced by the Taliban has no women representatives.

Other matter that came up for discussion included the border dispute with China. Australia was briefed on the ongoing talks that have led to disengagement and said that there was hope that peace and tranquility would be restored at the earliest. Singh told his counterpart that India was keen to work with Australia to realise the full potential of the comprehensive strategic partnership, which is based on a shared vision of a free, open, inclusive and rules-based Indo-Pacific region.

“Both, Australia and India have tremendous stakes in peace, development and free flow of trade, rules-based order and economic growth in the region,” Singh said after the meeting.

India invited the Australian industry to make use of India’s liberalised FDI policies and look at opportunities for co-development and production of weapon systems. “We discussed opportunities to work together in defence, science and technology,” he said. Discussions focused on bilateral defence cooperation and expanding military engagements across services, enhancing defence information sharing, cooperation in emerging defence technologies and mutual logistics support.

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