Indian soldiers killing five-six terrorists every day: Rajnath Singh


Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh said Indian soldiers along the Indo-Pakistan border had been gunning down at least five-six terrorists every day and that he had told them to give a fitting reply if Pakistan opened fire.

He said the neighbouring country had been sending terrorists to India with nefarious designs and the Indian soldiers had been gunning down at least five-six of them every day.

Singh said he had ordered the soldiers not to fire at their Pakistani counterparts first, but give a fitting reply by “firing countless bullets” if Pakistan opened fire.

“I have told my soldiers deployed at the border not to fire first at Pakistan, but give a fitting reply by firing countless bullets if they fire first,” he said. On the Dokalam issue, he said India was not a weak country anymore, but a strong one, which was in a position to resolve the contentious matter with its neighbour China.

“India is no more a weak nation, but a strong country. You ought to know how India resolved the Dokalam issue with China, especially when most people across the globe were anticipating an India-China conflict,” the home minister said.”If India was a weak country, it could not have been in a position to resolve the Dokalam issue with China,” he added.


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