PM Modi in Mann Ki Baat: India faces 2 major challenges in unlock stage of COVID-19 pandemic


PM Modi to address the nation through Mann Ki Baat at 11 am
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PM Modi to address the nation through Mann Ki Baat at 11 am

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation via his monthly radio program Mann Ki Baat. The focus of the prime minister’s talk was on coronavirus, India China tensions and many other aspects of the Indian society. 

Coronavirus cases in India have surged past 5 lakh mark while the death toll has risen above 15,000. COVID-19 cases are spiking to new highs on a daily basis. The situation is dire in the national capital which has seen close to 80,000 COVID-19 cases and about 2,500 deaths. 


  • Today India also remembers former PM PV Narasimha Rao: PM Modi
  • Monsoon has arrived in several parts of the country. The predictions are of a good monsoon: PM Modi
  • We must propagate these games to our next generations: PM Modi
  • Indoor games are a part of our tradition. Popular games like Snakes n Ladders has bee given to the world by India: PM Modi
  • The world is now focusing on boosting immunity: PM Modi
  • Coronavirus has definitely changed the way we live our lives: PM Modi
  • If you come across inspirational stories, please write them to me: PM Modi
  • Labourers in our country are setting an example for us all: PM Modi
  • Every Indian is busy helping others the best way it can: PM Modi
  • I request all my countrymen, do not be complacent, do not be irresponsible: PM Modi
  • Your precautions will make you victorious over coronavirus: PM Modi
  • Must focus on 2 things now — 1. Defeating coronavirus and 2. Reviving the economy: PM Modi
  • Amid coronavirus, we are out of the lockdown now: PM Modi
  • The objective today is — Atmanirbhar Bharat: PM Modi
  • India has always used its power for progress and peace: PM Modi
  • The more India get’s powerful, the more chances there will be of peace in the world: PM Modi
  • If you are vocal for local, you are doing a service to your country: PM Modi
  • No mission can be successful without people’s participation: PM Modi
  • Before independence, India was one of the strongest countries in the defence sector. Post-independence we could not keep this going. Today India has pledged to move forward in this direction: PM Modi
  • I have been getting messages from all across the nation that people are now pledging themselves to be ‘vocal for local’: PM Modi
  • Families of the martyred Indian Army soldiers have shown immense courage: PM Modi
  • The whole country is mourning the death of our soldiers who were martyred in Ladakh: PM Modi
  • Our brave soldiers have shown that they will never let the country down: PM Modi
  • No matter how big the challenge is, India has always helped the world overcome it: PM Modi
  • We will achieve greater heights this year. I have full faith in all of you: PM Modi
  • We have to keep moving forward amid all the gloom: PM Modi
  • It is not fair to think that the year 2020 is cursed. India has a history of combating difficult situation and rise victorious: PM Modi
  • It is rare that so many hazardous situations arrive together, as they have in 2020: PM Modi
  • Everyone wants the year 2020 to end as soon as possible: PM Modi
  • PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat to Begin shortly

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