PUBG Mobile tips and tricks: India’s top player shares best guns, locations and more


PUBG Mobile has become almost every gamer’s favourite choice on mobile. From pumped up graphics to intense and challenging gameplay, PUBG Mobile has managed to hook millions to their phone screens in the sheer anticipation of the rewarding “Chicken Dinner.” But mastering the art of winning every game is not a child’s play, which is why we have one of India’s top PUBG gamer share some tips for all the players out there.

Speaking to Ahmedabad-based Rahul Pandey, who runs the popular YouTube channel GoldyHindiGaming with close to 2 lakh subscribers, we learned some useful PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to get that precious “Chicken Dinner.” From sharing tips on how to choose the best drop location for ideal loot to picking the best weapons to take out your opponent, Goldy’s pro tips can certainly help many players out there.

“We all aware that PUBG Mobile is a game of uncertainty, so strategizing is key. I love to drop down according to map and flight path, landing right amidst the action. Since I play on Tencent Gaming Buddy, my graphics settings are cranked up to the max. I play on 3000dpi.

Well, PUBG Mobile players using emulators such as Tencent Gaming Buddy will be paired against opponents using emulators for fair gameplay. So if you’re playing on your smartphone, go to in-game settings by tapping the gear icon at the bottom corner in the main screen and customise everything from controls to graphics and sensitivity and more.

PUBG Mobile guide

PUBG Mobile guideIBTimes India/Sami Khan

Goldy says he prefers playing in Duo or Squad (4 players in a team) in order to challenge and improve skills. In terms of the choice of weapons, Goldy has some elite preference.

“I love chasing the drop and getting an M249 to get those squad wipes. 100 round mags are a pivotal addition. Also, I really enjoy sniping with the AWM to get those quick headshots. Generally, I prefer using an M4 along with a sniper (M24/Kar98),” he said.

If you’re confused where to drop, always pick the popular landmarks. “The key landmarks in most maps usually have the best of the loot. For instance, Pochinki in Erangel is a gold mine!” Goldy added.

PUBG Mobile best tips and tricks

PUBG Mobile best tips and tricksIBTimes India/Sami Khan

Finally, Goldy shared some insightful tip on how to land before others and be ready for combat with the right gears.

“If you are a newbie, try dropping 90 degrees left or right in the middle of flying path. Doing so will give you both time to survive and acclimatize whilst taking out your enemies. This way you will learn game more quickly,” Goldy said.

Now these PUBG Mobile tips, especially dropping 90 degrees left or right in the middle of the flying path, will certainly up your gaming skills. Do try these out and let us know how many Chicken Dinners you get. 

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