rajnath singh: Pakistan will be defeated in proxy war: Rajnath Singh

Even after its historic defeat in 1971, Pakistan continues to wage a proxy war against India in which it will be defeated again, defence minister Rajnath Singh has said, adding that work to eliminate the very root of terror is underway.

Terming the partition of India on the basis of religion as a historic mistake, the minister said that Pakistan continues to disrupt the peace by promoting terrorism from across the border. “After the defeat of 1971, it is continuously fighting a proxy war. Pakistan wants to disrupt peace in India by promoting terrorism and other anti-India activities. The Indian forces had foiled their plans in 1971 and work to eliminate terrorism from its root is underway,” the minister said.

He added “We have won in a direct war and the victory will be ours in indirect war as well.” Singh was speaking at the inauguration of the Swarnim Vijay Parv, an event to commemorate the role of the armed forces in the liberation of Bangladesh.

Terming the 1971 operations as the most decisive battle after the two world wars, the minister said that atrocities committed in what was then East Pakistan was a threat to humanity and it was India’s responsibility to liberate the people from injustice and exploitation. “This war tells us that the partition of India on the basis of religion was a historic mistake. Pakistan was born in the name of one religion but it could not remain one (nation),” he said.

Singh said that an anti India feeling continues to fester in Pakistan, pointing out that their missile systems are named after historic invaders. “They name their missiles after invaders who attacked India — Ghori, Ghaznavi, Abdali — whereas India’s missiles are named Akash, Prithvi, Agni. Now one of our missiles has also been named SANT,” he said.

Praising the armed forces for their valour during the operations, the minister said that 1971 episode is an example of India’s democratic traditions. “India did this because it is a part of our culture. India has never invaded any country, nor has it ever captured an inch of land of any other country.”

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