Secunderabad poised for chaos due to meet


Hyderabad: A large part of Secunderabad should be prepared for traffic snarls on October 27 and 28 as the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) will be holding its National Convention at the Bison Polo and Parade Grounds. 

When the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) had held a political event here in 2015, there was a huge traffic jam for hours and traffic moved slowly afterwards too. 


Generally, permission for political and religious events at these public venues is denied by the officials, but these parties got the nod from the defence ministry.

The state BJP members wrote to the Ministry of Defence and got the nod from the ministry on October 12. 

The next day the Local Military Authority accorded permission for the event. 

Around 50,000 delegates are expected to attend the National Convention of the BJYM on the 27th and on the 28th a public meeting will be held here to be addressed by the BJP national president Amit Shah. 

Some 1,50,000 people are expected for that event, said Manohar Reddy, secretary of the state unit of the BJP.

Armymen have not been complimentary on social media about military grounds being used for political purposes. 

One Rohit Agarawal, who worked with the four significant domains of the Indian Army, tweeted: “Holding political rallies inside a Cantt is WRONG. The designs behind opening of Cantts becoming clearer And we have impotent senior officers who don’t dare to take a stand. Disgusted…”

When the TRS held a public meeting at the Parade Grounds in April 2015, there were awful traffic jams and slow movement of traffic all along the Begumpet stretch as the two grounds are situated in the centre of the city. 

In April 2018, when the Telangana Jana Samiti asked for permission to use the grounds, they were denied. 

The Telangana State Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare Association was also denied permission to use the Parade Grounds to commemorate Kargil Day in 2018.


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