Twitter India summoned by Parliamentary Panel


There was a time when the BJP’s unemployed IT youth brigade was in absolute control of all social media platforms before the Congress party’s shameful defeat in 2014.

You write a word against Narendra Modi or any
luminary of the Saffron Brigade and lo, a dozen of icons with the most
threatening figures and names would chase you in the meanest language including
profanities. The Congress party was steeped in absolute slumber those days. It
didn’t realise the impact of social media platforms. The neutral scribes were
feeling lonely in the digital world. It was a cake walk for the RSS / BJP
juggernaut. The BJP team had successfully implemented its radical agenda and
got away.

“If you
repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to
believe it yourself.”…….Joseph Goebbels 

the Swati Chaturvedi’s book ‘I am a Troll: Inside BJP’s Secret Digital Army,’ the testimony of Sadhavi Khosla, a former volunteer with
the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who had made the most explosive revelation in
the book, saying that the BJP’s social media cell had instructed its vast online support base to put pressure on e-commerce company
‘Snapdeal’ to drop actor Amir Khan as its brand ambassador after the latter
made strong comments criticising the government in 2015. And the similar
instruction was relayed by the same unit regarding the boycott of Shah Rukh
Khan’s movie Dilwale, after the actor spoke up
against the rise of intolerance in India under the current government. 

The troll
army of the RSS / BJP had always thrived
on misogyny, Islam-o-phobia, hatred against anyone who was against RSS
ideology, and go-Pakistan. In most cases, the BJP troll would respond with disagreement
to rebuttal to vile abuse. It was swift followed with gutter jargon. The worse
would go in for if the target of attack happens to be a woman or anyone from
the minority communities. 

would use threats of sexual violence and then all sort of violence. Swati
Chaturvedi has listed the most popular of these handles that regularly tweet
out filth with some of whom she’s had close encounters online. Police
complaints and reporting on Twitter have yielded almost nothing. It was ironic
that, according to Swati, dozens of these handles were followed by Prime
Minister Narendra Modi. 

As the
tables are turned against the BJP and the defeats of all states recently bear witness
to that today, Congress party and rest of the Opposition have become SMART
under the wounds they received in past. Their IT cells are doing wonderful jobs
and public appears to be no longer believe in NaMo slogans. The shoe is on the
other foot, the BJP is getting the taste of its own medicine. 

And we
listen to a different ‘Breaking News.’ 

Twitter India summoned by parliamentary panel to discuss
‘safeguarding citizens’ rights.’ Suddenly,Twitter India has been summoned before
the Parliamentary Committee on Information Technology to discuss the issue of
safeguarding citizens’ rights on the social media platform. The panel has also
called officials from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
(MEITY) and the meeting will be held on February 11 at 3 pm in New Delhi. 

And the
meeting will be headed by BJP leader Anurag Thakur. The panel will discuss a
range of issues concerning the use of social media. This development comes amid protests against Twitter India
over its “anti-right-wing bias”. Earlier this week, the members of Youth for
Social Media Democracy, a right-wing group, protested outside its office
alleging that the company was blocking right-wing accounts. 

The ruling
party knows that Social Media will
play a huge role and influence in the coming general elections. Social media
will be the real game changer. Let us recall that Narendra Modi had got huge
social media attention. He himself had hosted a political conference on Google+

The social
media today is stronger and more persuasive than television in influencing
people. With the foul mouth TV anchors / news editors / readers sold out
to obey the dictates of establishment, no one believes in the idiot box. The
Media Houses are no longer Media Houses but Business Houses that serve the
parochial interests of its masters. 

In a world where, Facebook, Twitter and
Instagram have become everyday places to hangout, the consequent responsibility
of using these platforms honestly and properly is the only way out. It is
imperative for the government to get together all stakeholders of civil society
and try and address the issue of balancing media freedom with media regulation.

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