Ukraine crisis may not worsen. If it does, global consequences can be unpredictable, including for India


Is Russia’s decision to move troops into Luhansk-Donetsk regions in eastern Ukraine the start of the next global war? Or is Vladimir Putin, whose stand against Ukraine joining Nato has some basis, pushing the envelope with the US to wangle a security agreement with Europe and Nato on more favourable terms?

For now, despite the drama – especially live-streamed meetings of squirming Russian top security officials listening to Putin – US, and European, sanctions may stay limited because Russian troops are in areas currently controlled by Moscow. Russia is still being careful, and the US is waiting for greater provocation. Nobody, most likely, wants to take the next step. Therefore all eyes should be peeled on the Antony Blinken-Sergei Lavrov meeting this week, which can still happen.

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